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Featured Talent

Finding the best candidates for your company is an art in itself. Finding the right combination of cultural fit, skills, and past experiences can be difficult. This is why we feature some of the best and the brightest in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Seattle, and Portland right here for you to browse through. 


Concept Artist - San Francisco

Kristen McDonald

If you're looking for a Concept Artist in San Francisco or the South Bay, please contact a ten4 Recruiter. This 2D & 3D concept artist has over six years of experience at various art studios as a freelance artist and a full-time employee both. Works well with large teams, and also proactively seeks feedback for a more productive team flow. Aside from being a self-driven professional, this Concept Artist also actively implements suggestive direction for the creative process.

  • Digital painter in Photoshop and Illustrator

  • 3D software experience in Maya, Luxology Modo, and CryEngine

  • Worked on multiple AAA titles including concept art and illustrations

  • UI art and design experience for mobile games and applications

  • Created 2D Art for a major children's TV channel's website and mobile games

  • Creation of Game Screens through tools in Adobe Creative Suite

  • Experience working in Combat Games for mobile platforms

  • BFA in Digital Arts and a MFA in Visual Development

If you're looking for a Concept Artist in San Francisco or in the South Bay like the one outlined here, please contact a ten4 Recruiter for more info.


3D Character & Creature Artist - San Francisco

Kristen McDonald

If you're looking for a San Francisco 3D Character & Creature Artist for Gaming that has extensive skills in 3D, please contact a ten4 Creative Recruiter to learn more.

Qualifications & Skills:

  • Candidate has a BS in Architecture and an MA in Architecture, with a focus on gaming and entertainment
  • A US Citizen that has lived, worked, and attended college in both the US and the UK
  • Has experience in AAA gaming with artistic styles that range from military, historical, and science fiction / Sci-Fi
  • An interest in working in hardcore gaming environments that extend to console games, AAA, free to play, mobile and social games
  • Has created high resolution photorealistic characters, creature models and low polygon game assets from concept art to final in-game assets
  • Developed organic and hard surface sculpting of human and creature anatomy, armor, clothing, props and weapons
  • Painted realistic and stylized textures for multiple next-gen shader functions; Including PBRs, diffuse maps, height maps, specular masks, detail maps, displacement maps and reflection maps, ripped occlusion and normal maps from high res-models
  • Collaborated daily with the Art Director to establish the aesthetic and technical standards for character art
  • Produced concept art using traditional art techniques along with 3D modeling for characters, environments, props, and weapons
  • Created deformable and efficient model topology and optimized UV layouts
  • Rigged Creatures and Characters for animation using Maya and Maximo
  • 3D Character & Creature Artist that has worked closely with the game A.I. team to ensure runtime performance
  • Work with minimal input while comfortably communicating and collaborating effectively with the development team
  • Ability to collaborate with colleagues in the same discipline, across feature groups and cross-disciplines to execute on project deliverables

Creative Expertise in:

  • Creature Anatomy
  • Organic Sculpting
  • Character Design
  • Concept Design
  • Human Anatomy
  • Hard Surface Sculpting
  • ZBrush Master
  • Skin Textures
  • Post Production
  • Character Animation
  • Production Process
  • Digital Painting
  • Character Rigging
  • UV Mapping
  • Facial Development

Software Knowledge:

  • ZBrush
  • Maya
  • 3ds Max
  • Photoshop
  • Mari
  • xnormal
  • Unity
  • Vray
  • Keyshot
  • Real Flow
  • Nuke 8
  • Rayfire
  • Linu 

For more info on this San Francisco 3D Character & Creature Artist or other similar Concept Artist candidates in San Francisco or Seattle, please contact a ten4 Creative Recruiter!


Producer & Traffic Manager - San Francisco

Kristen McDonald

Creative Recruitment - Producer, Resource and Delivery Manager and Traffic Manager available for San Francisco Bay Area positions.

  • Duties included the scheduling and tracking of all traditional and digital projects

  • Use of Online Project Management Software and self-devised tracking methods

  • Hiring of freelance talent; traditional artists, web development professionals and copywriting candidates

  • The development and management of the workflow process

  • Worked closely with Creative Directors and Account Directors to ensure necessary resources were available to meet tight deadlines

  • Producer responsible for overseeing all Studio resources, including the management of studio artists

  • Sourcing of photography both custom and stock

  • Member of the brainstorming team, working on client RFPs and project ideation for clients

  • Other duties included handling client requests, with direct client contact, online research, Mac production work, and the maintenance of online asset catalogues

  • Managed a variety of print projects including: direct mail, brochures, annual reports, magazines, flyers etc.

For more information on this San Francisco Producer & Traffic manager, please contact a ten4 Recruiter.

Senior Graphic Designer - San Francisco

Kristen McDonald

Creative Recruitment - This San Francisco Senior Graphic Designer is looking for full-time and long term contracts.

San Francisco Senior Graphic Designer Experience:

  • Oversee a team of Apparel and Packaging Graphic Designers to ensure the highest quality of design is met within tight deadlines

  • Managed projects from creative brief to completion

  • Work closely with overseas manufacturing to quality standards in production are being met

  • Create original apparel graphics and unique sales presentations for sales team to show clients

  • Conceptualized and created content for Web, Print, In-Store Digital Media, Marketing and Promotions

  • Collaborated with Copywriters, Production, Advertising and Marketing Managers to formulate marketing strategies and initial layouts

  • Managed projects from creative brief to completion

  • Provided leadership to the Production team to develop their design skills

  • Received Graphic Designer “Associate of the Month” for the Advertising/MarketingDepartment, and the Marketing Star Award as chosen by my peers

  • Created a multi-contributor site that brought readers original content of the latest product, fashion and lifestyle news from the world of extreme sports

  • Built and maintained the online presence through Social Marketing tools with a strong emphasis on watching analytical tools to track success rates of post, campaigns and advertising promotions.

  • Targeted specific demographics with exciting and relevant content to increase awareness of product launches, promotions and key trends happening within the extreme sports and street-wear sectors.

  • Created the site using a basic WordPress theme and heavily modified the CSS and PHP to personalize it and make it unique

  • Designed the layout of the site, logo, ads, backgrounds & special features

San Francisco Senior Graphic Designer Skills:

  • Proficient with WordPress and all social media platforms

  • Proficient with the latest Adobe Creative Suite

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office

  • HTML, CSS or other web-based design tools

  • Experienced Art Director and Graphic Designer for Advertising, Marketing, Interactive, Web, Clothing and Print

For more info on this San Francisco Senior Graphic Designer, please contact a Recruiter!

Junior Interactive Designer - Seattle

Kristen McDonald

Creative Recruitment - This Junior Interactive Designer and Graphic Designer just graduated college in Spring of 2013. He's highly ambitious, very creative, and has a technically savvy aspect to his creations!


Ringling College of Art + Design Sarasota, FL 3.1 GPA
B.F.A. Graphic & Interactive Design, May 2013


App Design, Ringling College Course, Jan. 2013-Apr. 2013
Designed and created a working prototype of an iPhone app intended to connect and engage users together in a public space, resulting in an increase of social interactions between users:

  • Collaborated in a team effectively to address and enhance the focal points of the app.
  • Integrated social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook into the prototype to enhance the experience and encourage long term use of the app.

Web Design, Ringling College Course, Oct. 2011-Dec. 2011
Sketched, designed and launched a website with the intention of scalability despite screen resolution, resulting in a design for any screen (mobile, laptop or desktop):

  • Maintained content through the use of CSS to assist in post-launch updating of the site
  • Revised and made edits after the launch of the site with minimal to no downtime


Product Branding, Ringling College Course. Feb. 2013-Mar. 2013
Created a line of packaging for camping gear that increased visual contact on the shelf and informed the user of the product through effective design:

  • Researched & developed the creative voice of the company’s image.
  • Sketched, prototyped & user tested to determine effectiveness of the products’ message.

International Freelance Design, Ontario, Canada, Dec. 2011-Feb. 2012
Collaborated in creating an image for a startup ad agency; resulting in an increase of traffic through its professional image:

  • Preconceptualized concept and images through sketching & wireframing to sculpt the look and feel of the company’s image.
  • Collaborated proactively with the client through email and phone to produce desired results and meet deadlines


Story Development, Ringling College Course. Feb. 2013-Apr. 2013
Developed narrative stories through the use of multiple perspectives and character interactions. Character development and the interactions through the environment built though language:

  • Built environments, clothing, personalities and people based on rich archetypes while maintaining a unique world perspective and moving the characters throughout it.


Expert knowledge Adobe Photoshop; proficient knowledge in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, working knowledge in Dreamweaver and ActionScript 3, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, MS Suite.

Advanced proficient knowledge iOS, Macintosh and Linux operating systems; Advanced working knowledge in Android and Windows operating systems.

Art Director - San Francisco

Kristen McDonald

Creative Recruitment - This ADDY and Cannes Lion award winning Senior San Francisco Art Director is looking for a full time position in San Francisco with an ad agency or internal marketing / advertising department.

This designer has over 8 years of experience in web, mobile, and interactive design. Research and time to understand a client's brand is at the core focus to establish marketing needs, turning a creative direction into a visual experience.

They are a true project leader specializing in the development and integration of graphics and tactical strategies across a wide variety of platforms (print/web/mobile/POP/event/publications) with experience managing freelancers, coordinating talent and working with vendors. Duties also include experience in copywriting, storyboarding, and client presentations.

This Art Director has work at the following ad agencies either on a full-time or freelance basis:

R/GA, AKQA, Fantasy Interactive, Tribal DDB, Isobar, Razorfish, and Wieden + Kennedy

Specialties Include:

National TV Campaigns, Mobile Applications, Interactive Design, Website Design, UX, UI, Interaction, Motion Graphics, Typography, etc.

For more info on this San Francisco Art Director, please visit the Contact page.

Brand Strategy Director - San Francisco

Kristen McDonald

Creative Recruitment - San Francisco Brand Strategy Director with Integrated Advertising Agency Experience:

Being a rockstar brand strategist means excelling at both divergent and convergent thinking. This Brand Strategy Director is imaginative and analytical, and bounces back and forth between the two in all that they do. They believe in developing a truly impactful marketing journey - a journey in which everyone should have the ability to contribute to and be creative with. To make this happen, this San Francisco Brand Strategy Director believes their role is to provide the right insights or spark, in the right form, at the right time in order to lead and guide the best thinking.

This San Francisco Brand Strategy Director has driven brands and their creative and communications strategy for their media agency’s two largest clients, with a media spend of nearly $200M/year. On top of that, they are involved heavily in new business efforts by partnering with clients, agency brand managers, and external partners to develop 360 annual, seasonal and product marketing campaigns. This is inclusive of positioning and repositioning brands, developing brand architectures and consumer value propositions, redefining in-store and online shopping experiences, influencing product development and creating streams of digital and social content to engage consumers.

San Francisco Brand Strategy Director:

If you're interested in this San Francisco Brand Strategy Director or other similar Brand Strategists in the Bay Area, please reach out through the Contact page for more information.