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Game Writer - San Francisco

Kristen McDonald

Creative Recruitment - If you're in need of a Military style game writer for video games, film, movies, or comic book / graphic novel work, Ten4 has the perfect Game Writer for you!

What makes this writer one of the best in the industry for Military Writing?

  • He has branded himself in the industry as a Game Writer by honing in on the writing of the Military niche
  • Served in the US Armed Forces
  • Worked for AAA Gaming Titles at major gaming studios
  • Worked on the set of Saving Private Ryan
  • He has worked on major Military Comic Books directly for the US Army
  • He can speak/write all of the Military jargon accurately because of all of his personal and writing experiences

Other notable characteristics and experiences this Game Writer has:

  • 19 years experience successfully creating content in the video game, motion picture, and graphic novel fields
  • Always looking to grow and learn not only a creative individual contributor, but as a team-player
  • Dynamic personality that inspires people to work hard to deliver on deadlines
  • Developed the content flow for multiple causal games for the iPhone/iPad as well as AAA titles

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