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Junior Interactive Designer - Seattle

Kristen McDonald

Creative Recruitment - This Junior Interactive Designer and Graphic Designer just graduated college in Spring of 2013. He's highly ambitious, very creative, and has a technically savvy aspect to his creations!


Ringling College of Art + Design Sarasota, FL 3.1 GPA
B.F.A. Graphic & Interactive Design, May 2013


App Design, Ringling College Course, Jan. 2013-Apr. 2013
Designed and created a working prototype of an iPhone app intended to connect and engage users together in a public space, resulting in an increase of social interactions between users:

  • Collaborated in a team effectively to address and enhance the focal points of the app.
  • Integrated social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook into the prototype to enhance the experience and encourage long term use of the app.

Web Design, Ringling College Course, Oct. 2011-Dec. 2011
Sketched, designed and launched a website with the intention of scalability despite screen resolution, resulting in a design for any screen (mobile, laptop or desktop):

  • Maintained content through the use of CSS to assist in post-launch updating of the site
  • Revised and made edits after the launch of the site with minimal to no downtime


Product Branding, Ringling College Course. Feb. 2013-Mar. 2013
Created a line of packaging for camping gear that increased visual contact on the shelf and informed the user of the product through effective design:

  • Researched & developed the creative voice of the company’s image.
  • Sketched, prototyped & user tested to determine effectiveness of the products’ message.

International Freelance Design, Ontario, Canada, Dec. 2011-Feb. 2012
Collaborated in creating an image for a startup ad agency; resulting in an increase of traffic through its professional image:

  • Preconceptualized concept and images through sketching & wireframing to sculpt the look and feel of the company’s image.
  • Collaborated proactively with the client through email and phone to produce desired results and meet deadlines


Story Development, Ringling College Course. Feb. 2013-Apr. 2013
Developed narrative stories through the use of multiple perspectives and character interactions. Character development and the interactions through the environment built though language:

  • Built environments, clothing, personalities and people based on rich archetypes while maintaining a unique world perspective and moving the characters throughout it.


Expert knowledge Adobe Photoshop; proficient knowledge in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, working knowledge in Dreamweaver and ActionScript 3, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, MS Suite.

Advanced proficient knowledge iOS, Macintosh and Linux operating systems; Advanced working knowledge in Android and Windows operating systems.